Addiction therapy

Whether it is substance abuse or less talked about shopping or exercise addition, our clinical hypnotherapists would do their best to help you.

Treatments to phobia

A common type of phobia is specific phobia. For example, one could be dogs, spiders, heights, flying and driving. We are here to overcome your fears!

Help to quit smoking

One of the most common and overlooked bad habits is smoking. Not only it poses a huge health risk to you, but also it costs a lot of money.

Eating disorders

Anorexia and bulimia has seen a significant increase in the last decade. With careful hypnotherapy, one can overcome this crippling disorder and grow from strength to strength.

Professional coaching

Not being able to do what you really like to do just sucks! With coaching from our clinical therapists you can reach the next level in your career in confidence!

Anger management

Anger is a powerful emotion. Therefore, the consequesnces resulting out of anger can be also very powerful for the individual getting it and the other person involved.

Our Professional Background

All our clinicians are fully qualified as clinical hypnotherapists. The founder and practice clinician, xx, qualified in hypnotherapy and counselling at the xx



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